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FoxJet LS6000.e



FoxJet's LS6000 all-electric labelers offer energy savings and cost reductions.  FoxJet's LS6000 operates at up to 110 products per minute with no compressed air required.  This unit offers both tamp and corner wrap applications. The LS6000 also features a pivoting pad that allows our equipment to conform and apply to irregular surfaces. 

Key Benefits

  • All-electric with no air requirements or pneumatic adjustments.
  • Speeds up to 110 products per minute.
  • Rotating, tri-color LCD touch screen interface.
  • Tamp and corner wrap applications.
  • Pivoting, articulated tamp pads for conforming to irregular surfaces.
  • RFID-ready.
  • Optional discrete I/O module or wireless/wired Ethernet module available.
  • Industrial, rugged design with high quality, long-life components.
  • One year system warranty, six month print engine warranty.