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Link 8900LI



The new Linx 8900LI is a complete packaged coding solution with the simplest, most intuitive user interface, the fewest maintenance requirements and the most built in features to ensure maximum uptime. Limited introductory pricing!


  • Linx 8900LI printer
  • Trolley stand with casters
  • Printhead stand on trolley
  • Tri-Tronics Photocell


  • Automatic fluid monitoring allows for 12-hour advanced fluid refill warnings, requiring less unplanned downtime and less line-operator monitoring
  • Simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing allows for no mess, no tools and no mistakes
  • Self-service intervals provide up to 12 months of operation between service interventions
  • Extended shutdowns allow for printer shutdowns of up to 3 months without the need to flush or drain the printer
  • Prints multiple lines of alphanumeric codes on virtually any material with instant dry time and permanent adhesion

High-resolution touchscreen:

With large intuitive user interface, the icon-driven and customizable home screen allows you to put important printer functions at the line operator’s fingertips. Gorilla Glass screen allows employees to turn printer on and off, create messages, and adjust machine settings with a touch screen that is sensitive enough to be used through both plastic and rubber gloves.

Sealed, industrial printhead:

** **Hermetically sealed printhead is extremely robust and eliminates the need to make manual adjustments that risk damaging critical printhead components. 

Allows up to 100 starts and stops before recommended cleanings, enabled by automatic printhead flushing system.



* ** **Linx printers come programmed with easy, self-servicing modules that eliminate the need for outside technicians to visit your production space. Preventive maintenance servicing can be completed by untrained technicians using on screen instructions and takes only 30 minutes.


Glass Coding

Carton Coding

Metal Coding