Hot Stamp Imprinter


The Model POP-2, Hot Stamp Imprinter will print on virtually any label stock, die cut or butt-cut, parallel or vertical to the web direction. The electric powered imprinter offers an imprint area of 1/2”x 1.3”.

The Hot Stamp Imprinter prints information such as; pricing, use-by dates, sell-by dates, net weight, lot numbers and batch number for industrial and medical applications.

Key Benefits

  • The Hot Stamp Printer mounts on the TAL-750HD, TAL-3000C, TAL-3000R and TAL-3000T Specifications.


  • 1/2” x 1.3” Imprint Area.
  • Prints up to 3 Lines of Type.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Imprinting.
  • Adjustable Photo Cell Sensor.
  • Adjustable Temperature.
  • Uses Individual Steel Type.
  • Easy Foil Load.
  • Prints in 2 or 3 mm. Character Heights.