Marksman Next Controller


The Marksman NEXT controller is designed to work on your Window®-based PC with a single printhead or can network with multiple Marksman NEXT controllers to run an entire factory. The NEXT controller was developed to work with FoxJet’s ProSeries high resolution printheads to create industry compliant barcodes, graphics or alphanumeric text. The Marksman NEXT is built on a progressive platform that is designed for flexibility and expandability.

FoxJet BoxWriter Net Software is included with the system. BoxWriter Net is a Windows®-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). BoxWriter Net Software creates industry compliant barcodes, graphics or alphanumeric text. It is a “WYSIWYG” message editor software that allows you to manage messages off-line. Data can be introduced to the system through a network connection, routing new information to the controller in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Each Marksman NEXT controls one ProSeries printhead.
  • Connection to the host PC running FoxJet's BoxWriter Net software is accomplished via industrial Ethernet standards.
  • Network together up to 200 Marksman NEXT controllers on multiple production lines to give your production floor full centralized control of printing systems.
  • Control access to the controller with password protection.
  • Generate reports for shift work or production runs, including user logs, print jobs and scanner reads.
  • Easily add peripherals such as scanning devices or alarm beacons directly to the controller.