Marksman Duo XT Controller


The Marksman DuoXT is simple, sleek and smart offering users the best high resolution non-porous printhead controller. The DuoXT has a modular design with a 7" LCD color touch screen display, Graphical User Interface, QWERTY keyboard and a variety of connectivity options. The Marksman DuoXT is compatible with FoxJet's NP384 High Resolution non-porous Printhead.

** UPDATE: The Marksman Duo XT is now available for the ProSeries Non-Porous, Porous, VxSeries and SoloSeries!

Key Benefits

  • Color Touch Screen – 7” color graphical user interface guides users easily through menu functions.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure provides maximum reliability in harsh environments.
  • Environmentally Sealed with no moving parts on the inside eliminating the need to clean filters and provides a protected environment for the internal electronics.
  • Dual Production Line Support allows the Marksman Duo XT to independently control two production lines from the same user interface.
  • Generate reports for shift work or production runs, including user logs, print jobs and scanner reads.
  • I/O Board interface card option allows for connection to external system devices for automation and control logics.