ScanTrue II Plus


ScanTrue®II Plus ink is specially formulated to consistently deliver high contrast print messages in the most challenging of production environments. Designed to be miscible with ScanTrue®II ink to allow for complete compatibility with existing operations. Available in 500ml bottles for use in ProSeries printheads.




Extended Shelf-Life

Ink bottles last as long as 18 months and printheads remain start-up ready for up to 12 months when stored according to recommended temperature and humidity conditions. This longer life enables you to keep ink and printheads on the shelf, ready to go when you need them the most.

High Temperature Compatible

Formulated for optimal stability in high temperature manufacturing environments. Performs reliably in facilities without air-conditioning or located in geographic areas that experience warmer than average seasons.

High Humidity Compatible

Maintains integrity in high humidity manufacturing environments including refrigerated conditions, production areas directly exposed to the elements and wash-down environments.